Русско-английский словарь


ед — units

еда — food, meal, eating, fare, meat, nosh, grub, chow, edible, chuck, prog

едать — know, be in charge of, manage

едва — hardly, barely, scarcely, just, slightly, faintly, scarce, almost

единение — unity, union, solidarity, alliance, Union, togetherness

единица — unit, unity, one

единичность — oneness

единичный — unit, individual, sporadic, solitary, unitary

единобожие — monotheism

единоборство — single combat, martial art

единобрачие — monogamy

единоверец — coreligionist, fellow believers

единовластие — monocracy

единовременный — one time grant, one-time

единогласие — coalescence of councils

единогласно — unanimously, solid, without a dissentient voice, with unanimity

единогласный — unanimous

единодержавие — monocracy

единодушие — unanimity, consensus, consentience, consentaneity, one accord

единодушно — with one accord, with a single heart, with one mind, in one accord

единодушный — unanimous, consentient, consentaneous

единоженство — monogyny

единокровность — consanguinity

единокровный — consanguineous, consanguine

единоличие — monocracy

единоличник — individual peasant, individual farmer

единоличный — individual

единомыслие — agreement of opinion, oneness of mind, one mind

единомышленник — confederate, accomplice, like-minded person

единоначалие — one-man management, undivided authority

единообразие — uniformity, equability

единообразный — uniform, equable

единорог — unicorn

единородный — only son

единорос — unicorn, narwhal, unicorn-fish

единоросс — United Russia, United Russia member

единосущный — consubstantial, coessential

единственно — only, solely, alone, merely, exclusively, uniquely, singularly

единственность — unicity

единственный — only, single, sole, singular, one, exclusive, lane, only-begotten

единство — unity, oneness, solidarity

единый — single, uniform, unified, one

едкий — pungent, caustic, acrid, corrosive, tart, biting, bitter, acid, scathing

едкость — sarcasm, causticity, pungency, acridity, acidity, poignancy, acrimony

едок — eater, feeder, trencherman, pecker

едреный — fresh, bracing, vigorous, healthy, strong, stalwart, solid, having a large kernel