Русско-английский словарь


зна — knowledge

знак — sign, mark, character, symbol, badge, token, signal, seal, omen, warning

знакомец — acquaintance

знакомить — introduce, acquaint, acquaint with

знакомиться — learn

знакомство — acquaintance, familiarity, knowledge, acquaintanceship, knowing

знакомый — friend, acquaintance, conversant, acquainted, au fait, familiar

знаменатель — denominator

знаменательный — significant

знамение — sign, portent

знаменитость — celebrity, notability, notoriety, luminary, worthy, lion, celeb

знаменитый — famous, renowned, celebrated, famed, noted, illustrious, eminent, crack

знаменосец — gonfalonier, vexillary, banner-bearer, standard-bearer, standard bearer

знамя — banner, flag, standard, ensign, colors, pennant, gonfalon, colours

знание — knowledge, knowing, science, cognition, cognizance

знатность — grandeur, gentility, gentlehood

знатный — noble, gently born, well-born

знаток — connoisseur, expert, scholar, adept, judge, fancier, proficient, maven

знать — know, be aware of, have, know of, be familiar with, ken, wit, wot

знахарка — wise woman

знахарский — voodoo, charlatanic, charlatanical

знахарство — charlatanry, quackery

знахарь — quack, witch, doctor, charlatan, voodoo, medicaster, quacksalver

значащий — meaning

значение — value, meaning, importance, significance, sense, weight, concern, import

значимость — significance, significancy

значимый — significant, significative

значит — so

значительно — much, greatly, well, vastly, more, noticeably, notably, way, formidably

значительность — significance, importance, magnitude, amount, notability, significancy

значительный — significant, considerable, large, substantial, pretty, important, big

значить — mean, signify, imply

значиться — be registered

значок — badge, ensign, ideograph

знобить — shiver

зной — heat, swelter, ardent heat, ardor, fervor, ardour, fervour, intense heat

знойный — sultry, scorching, torrid, canicular